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Published: 31st July 2009
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Appco Direct Philippines, is advancing remarkably in the direct marketing arena, with the proven strategies they have employed in various markets world wide.
The innovative strategies are designed by the marketing professionals of Appco after carefully analysing the local market trends and tastes and preferences of the customers. The sales personnel are trained to maintain a cordial relationship with the customers, which assures them the support of the customers.
The highly skilled sales representatives deliver quality service because their skills are regularly boosted by their senior management by conducting workshops more often. The sales professionals are encouraged to devise different marketing tactics only after studying the nature of the product and identifying the target customers. Based on the nature of the products or services offered, they choose different routes to the target market.

Products are marketed using door-to-door marketing techniques, B2B marketing techniques or by event marketing methods. In door-to-door method, sales team takes the products or services directly to the target customer's doorstep.
Philippines has been always the best business opportunity for Appco's
charity division in particular. The company has organised special programmes which has changed the lives of the students in Philippines. Under the 'Making Schools Ready' project Appco had chosen 13 schools in the socially and economically backward province of Antique and is actively doing refurbishment activities. School buildings and better amenities are provided and the teaching and learning processes are improved. The solutions Appco provides enables the company to maintain a long lasting relationship with all its members. This ultimately has a positive effect on Appco's growth track.
Along with the charity division Appco Group, Philippines, have been exploring its business opportunities in various other sectors like the
Telecommunication, Financial, Insurance and FMCG sectors too. The sales professionals have systematic and pre-planned routes to market the products and services.

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